Monday, July 23, 2007

Lovin' the Spotlight: Elsie Flannigan

So here it is….the much anticipated, awesomely exciting, totally cool celebrity spotlight --- with the one, the only ELSIE FLANNIGAN!!! I want to start off saying Thank You so much Elsie! Your work continually inspires us and gives us that helpful little creative boast to help us spread out those scrapping supplies and get to work on our next creation!

Okay – here comes the fun part!!!

So Elsie, we all know you for your funky cool style, super stylin’ photography & super sweet personality so let’s start getting to know what makes you tick. What makes Elsie – Elsie?

Tell us about your family. I am really close to my parents and my siblings. My mother is a super cute art teacher who is originally from Venezuela. My dad loves to garden, he is really into orchids and his tomato plants right now. My younger sister is probably my best friend and just graduated college. And my little brother is getting ready for his senior year of high school. He’s our little rock star!

So say tonight you’re not scrapping – where would you be? Probably out eating sushi with my friends and playing mini golf!

You sit down at your favorite restaurant & order your favorite meal. Where are you & what are you having? I am eating sushi for sure!! There are a lot of places I like here in Springfield, MO. One of my favorites is Ocean Zen.

Name 3 places you'd rather be right now. On the beach in South America, at a rock concert (maybe arcade fire), or walking around New York City!!!

What’s your favorite movie? Amelie

What keeps you boppin’? Who’s in your ipod? I am currently listening to Death Cab for Cutie as I answer these questions

What personality trait/value do you want to be remembered for? Kind-hearted like my mother.

You’re tired & have worked all day – what do you do to relax & unwind? Maybe have a cocktail if I’m feeling cheeky or think up new ways to decorate my home.

We know you are the cutest thing & always are so bright and colorful – tell us where you shop. Forever 21. I love that store. I also love thrift shops and Urban Outfitters.

What's your dream vacation destination? I change my mind a lot but lately I have really been wanting to visit India again. There is just so much beautiful and fascinating culture to get lost in there. I would also love to visit Tokyo, Japan.

Are you an early bird or a night owl? Night owl all the way-that’s probably the time that I do my best work. I am the most creative in the evenings.

You’re thirsty & are needing a little snack – what do you grab? Junk or healthy stuff? Healthy stuff-don’t get me wrong I love to get treats as much as the next girl but I try and reserve the junk foods for when I am sharing with friends, like getting cherry dip cones with my sister at DQ!

What are some of your quirks? Pet Peeves? I think most people who know me well could say that I have a lot of quirks! And they would probably be right One thing I don’t mind sharing though is that I chew gum a lot and blow bubbles, its like a junior high girl really.

What do you drive? A red bug!!

Do you cook? Not really. My mother is an amazing cook so she taught me how when I was younger but I don’t really get the chance all that often. Every now and again I have friends over and I will cook for everyone or when I go over to Bar-B-Ques or picnics I take a dish. One of the last things I made was a peach cobbler.

What can you be bribed with? iTunes gift cards!!!!

I picture your house as the most colorful, organized, beautifully decorated place – what is it like? It is very colorful. I paint on my walls and like to add lots of personal details wherever I can. But it is NOT organized-that’s one area I do not have mastered at all yet

What talent would you like to have been born with? Ability to sing

What delights you? Finding a new band-that always makes my day!

Who is your hero? Gwen Stefani and my mom.

What’s your greatest fear? Bad things happening to my family or my dog

Name 4 jobs you've held. Wedding photographer, Receptionist, Cashier, Retail

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment? I’d like to think that I haven’t done it yet.

And just because we all love your creative genius, we’ll ask a few scrappy questions.

So, how’d you start scrapbooking? I was really into art journaling and painting and one day I dropped into a local scrapbook store just to see what kind of stuff they had and I was hooked from that day on!

Do you remember your first layout? No-I probably should but I don’t!

We, here at Scraplove, are totally inspired by your work so it only seems fitting to ask --Where do you get your inspiration from? Do you have a process? I do a lot of different things. Some Los go through a very long process where I will set them aside and wont pick them up for weeks later, others happen in hours. And I get inspiration from tons of places: movies, music, magazines, and other scrappers!

Do you alter? What’s your favorite altered project? Altered books are my favorite to do.

How do you get out of a scrapbooking rut? I take a break from it.

Can you tell us anything about your new book? It is a totally different concept from my last book and it is on a topic that I haven’t really seen covered yet and it has an exciting twist to it that I cant wait to share!!

It is your job to come up with new innovative stuff in scrapbooking. Does that ever get scary? Yes!!! I am always a little bit afraid that people aren’t going to like my stuff. And I think there will always be that fear, at least a little bit.

If there was ONE paper line you couldn't live without (besides your own, of course) what would it be? Bam Pop!!!! I love them!!!!

What 3 scrapbook tools could you not live without? Japanese screw punch, a sewing kit, and my home printer.

Where do you see scrapbooking in five years? I think it will be very much the same because it is based on family and memories but I think it will continue to evolve along with the fashion and design industries.

What’s your schedule like? My schedule is very very full-which I am not for one minute complaining about! I love my job and feel very lucky and blessed to have it!!!

What bit of advice would you give scrappers? Do what you love and love what you do!!!!

And there – straight from Elsie – is a little sneak peek into her life. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you & appreciate you being so sweet to join me for a little Q&A.

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dana said...

I read this interview a couple weeks ago and I just read it again! I luv it! and I luv Elsie!! Great interview lovelies!