Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sooo much going on

in the Scraplove world lately!! Message boards are certainly going strong, gallery is brimming full with new inspiration, and our very own Michele (delder) is posting some very unique and fun challenges that go along with the CK special Issue "Scrapbook Play". Here's the latest challenge #6...
This week's challenge from CK's special issue "Scrapbook Play" says:
"Scrapbook 6 photos of one habit or trait"...
Here is what I came up with:

(And yes, gals, I KNOW I only have 4 photos....but that's all I could fit on here!)


And I just want to take a lil time to say THANK YOU to all the newest Scraplove members for coming over and being our new Lovelies!! We have been OVERRUN with super talented and beautifully sweet ladies that are joining in our 'party'!!! If you want to see must how many members I am talking about.... GO HERE!! What a blessing!! Thank you all!!


Michelle said...

love it here already - thanks for the warmest welcome!

delder21 said...

This is so fun to have all the new chattyness! Fun new friends & faces! WELCOME, WELCOME!!!

Jenn Breault said...

Thanks for having us!!!! We are the lucky ones!